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16 Oct 2017 9:47 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

From David Banks-- ODFW Malheur Watershed District

I hope this email finds all of you doing well and enjoying fall fishing. It has been a while since we last reached out to you and let you know what we have done and still need to do this year.

Summer Sampling

We bumped into some of you on the Owyhee in August when we were conducting our electrofishing surveys. The high points of that identified what many of you have been telling us; there are high densities of brown trout from the dam to the powerlines below church camp with good densities from the powerlines to the tunnel and then they drop to low densities down to Snively Hot Spring. Sizes, from my recollection, were 15-18” on average. There were no direct mortalities from sampling. We haven’t had time to delve into the date, but will when we meet again (see below).

Fall Sampling

Ben and I will be out sampling for bugs next week and downloading the temperature loggers. Bug sampling will occur at the temperature logger locations. We also have our spawning surveys approaching. Mark your calendars for Saturday November 4th and December 2nd. We need at least seven people to effectively do the spawning surveys and more is better. We will plan on meeting at Jim’s house again (if that works for Jim) at 9 AM MST both days. It would be great if people started to let us know if they plan to help. An email or phone call would be great with your name and the number of people coming with you.

Next meeting

I propose the next meeting occur sometime in January. This will give us the time we need to process the data (e.g. bugs) and run the statistics and estimates. Mid-January to mid-February should give us enough time get information together and is usually a slower time us.

Other news

We are working on purchasing signs to post along the Owyhee reminding anglers that spawning is occurring and it’s a good idea to keep from walking in the riffles. These will likely be small yellow signs this year, with plans to transition to more permanent signs over time.

Please call or email us with comments, questions or suggestions and we look forward to seeing you in November and December.

P.S. Please forward this on, announce it in your club meetings or post it at your place of business for others to see. Thanks.

Dave Banks and Ben Ramirez

Malheur Watershed District

541-573-6582 (O)

541-589-1905 (C)

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