Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
16th Annual

 Boise Valley Fly Fishers Present

2020 Expo Logo Fly: Brown Drake

Creator:  Ken Held

BROWN DRAKE (Ephemera danica)

 Hook: Masu K3 size 10 or 12
 Body: Frosty Fly Ephemera danica, size Large
 Thorax:  Spun CDC, light tan and pale yellow
 Wings: Frosty Fly may fly wings light grey, size Large
 Hackle: Whiting Sandy Dun


I started fishing over 50 years ago in Japan, where my dad was stationed in the Air Force, using a Tenkara rod to catch my first trout.

I started my journey of fly fishing over 40 years ago when I was given a 7wt Eagle Claw rod and reel by a neighbor. One of my Christmas presents that year was a fly tying kit and the rest is history. I started with tying the standard flies Adams, Joe’s hopper, Royal coachman and many others for the time. I went to a fly tying class at the Mountain Air Force base arts and crafts center every Thursday for 2 hours and learned the art taught by Marv Taylor. I looked forward to Sundays as Marv wrote for the Idaho Statesman newspaper and had a new fly pattern every week, but only after dad had read the sports section was I allowed to see it.  Since then I have tried to be as innovative with my tying as I can with new materials making my flies durable and as realistic as I can. I started tying at the BVFF Fly Fishing EXPO in 2010 passing my knowledge and techniques to other tyers and learning from other tyers. In 2013 I was contacted by Rick Takahashi to have some of my flies published in his new book Modern Terrestrials. The book was released in September 2014. As a kid on Christmas day sitting at my first vise, I would never have thought that one day flies that I tied would be seen by so many in that famous book.

In 2017, I became part of the Frosty Fly Pro Staff using their products to create realistic flies like the one on this year’s BVFF pin and patch and stickers.  I am a Project Healing Waters volunteer, passing my knowledge and skills onto our veterans in the program.  So my journey continues just like any fishing adventure, wanting to see what is around the next bend in the river.

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