Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
15th Annual

 Boise Valley Fly Fishers Present





 1:00 PM 

Great Saltwater Fly Fishing Right Here in the US!

Presenter:  Sue Talbot

Fly Fishing for Redfish in the Louisiana Delta!

See how sight fishing for Redfish is a great introduction to saltwater fly fishing.  It is team work with you and your guide!  While they are poling the shallow saltwater ponds you look for signs of feeding redfish!

   3:00 PM 

Photography for Fly Fishing

Presenter: Brian O'Keefe

Brian has combined a lifetime of fly fishing photography with a lot of serious fly fishing. He sold his first fly fishing photo when he was 16. That was 48 years ago! His angling travels have taken him to distant destinations like Cuba, Tonga, Bikini Atoll, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Kashmir, England, Brazil, Nicaragua and many more!

Come learn how to capture the essence of your fly fishing adventures in this presentation on fly fishing photography from an expert who has a lifetime of experience.


   5:00 PM 

Streamer Tricks for More and Larger Trout

Presenter Jeff Currier

When Jeff arrived on the scene in Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in 1987 he was a dry fly fishing purist. He nymphed and tossed streamers on occasion but he spent most of his time at places like the Henry’s Fork targeting the best hatches. As Jeff made friends and found older mentors he picked up on the fact that they often caught bigger trout with streamers so he began learning the art of streamer fishing for himself.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to become proficient with the streamers and soon he was tweaking techniques. Some of his tricks worked so well that other anglers came to him with their questions – especially after he won the famous Jackson Hole One Fly with a streamer!

Join Jeff as he talks about the equipment he likes from rods to lines to picking the right fly, how to rig multiple flies, stripping speeds and overall methods.


7:00 PM   Pyramid Lake

Presenter: Nick Jackson, Pyramid Lake Guides

Come learn about Nevada’s Pyramid Lake just north of Reno. This ancient alkaline lake is home to the world’s largest cutthroat trout, the Pilot Peak strain of Lahontan Cutthroat.


 9:15 AM 

 Dry Fly Academy (Cost $40)

Presenter:  Nate Brumley, Dry Fly Innovations

Flat out…the most informative dry fly presentation ever assembled! In 2 hours, you’ll be introduced to 50 years of knowledge fishing exclusively a dry fly.  Tons of instructional video, cutting edge techniques, and masterful strategies are all tailored to up your game on a dry fly.   The treasure trove of information contained in this class will simply “blow you away!” PDF handout emailed with purchase of class.  Curriculum designed for all skill levels.

The cost of the "Dry Fly Academy" class is $40.  Registration must be completed on the Dry Fly Innovations (DFI) website to participate.

NOTE:  This is a private class and requires pre-registration and payment separate from the Expo entry fee.  Space in this class is limited.

See  www.DryFlyInnovations.com for information and registration)

 12:30 PM   
Tricks and Tactics for the Worlds Best Flats

Presenter:  Jeff Currier

Despite living in Idaho, Jeff has a lifetime of experience in the salt and more than 30 years of adventures on the world’s most renown flats. It all started at age 22 he took his life savings and instead of purchasing a long needed vehicle or paying off his college loans, he went to Belize. He loved stalking the flats of Belize so much that he landed a job hosting fly fishermen to Belize. These days, although Jeff still goes to Belize, he’s more often found exploring exotic saltwater flats destinations worldwide.

“Tricks and Tactics for the World’s Best Flats” is an entertaining journey to many of the planet's most extraordinary flats. The show reviews equipment and flies then teaches tactics for approaching a flat, finding fish and the tricks Jeff uses for many specific species. You are guaranteed to marvel over the many destinations shown from Belize and Mexico to the Seychelles and the under fished waters of the Red Sea of Sudan. Jeff even includes a segment about his recent trip to the beach flats of Oman.

Expect to be in awe at the many different fish species from the usual bonefish and permit to the lesser known trevally, snapper and grouper species. There’s no doubt that this is yet another tighten your seat belt and hang on PowerPoint presentation by Jeff!


  2:30 PM 

Fly Fishing for Giant Trevally in the Seychelles

Presenter:  Sue Talbot

The Giant Trevally is a super predator! Be ready to battle!

Fishing the Seychelles offers many different fly fishing opportunities for Giant Trevally as well as permit, bonefish, and triggerfish!

The Atolls are beautiful and full of life! The fishing is challenging and diverse as you wade the flats and beaches. You will be wading in the outer surf casting up to fish cruising through waves, or standing on the front of a skiff while poling the flats or walking the sandy beaches and fishing the incoming tide!


 4:30 PM 

Trout Bumming the World

Presenter:  Jeff Currier

Jeff’s vast knowledge of fly fishing for trout is not limited to his home waters of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone backcountry. His low-budget way of life, his sense of adventure and opportunities to work abroad have allowed him to fly fish for trout where most people only dream about. Join Jeff as he travels to the most outlandish trout fishing destinations imaginable ranging from New Zealand to Bhutan, Mongolia to Slovenia and more.

In addition to amazing photography of incredible destinations be prepared to learn about salmonid species you may not know exist. Jeff’s specialty is exotic fish and in this show expect to see taimen, lenok, Yugoslavian brown trout, European grayling and the striking marble trout (Salmo marmoratus). This is a show you don’t want to miss!


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