Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
15th Annual

 Boise Valley Fly Fishers Present





 1:00 PM 

Trophy Carp on the Fly

Presenter:   Kenly "Bitty" Bitton

Trophy carp are targeted in a number of venues including the famed Blackfoot Reservoir near Soda Springs, Idaho. Carp in excess of 30# are within reach of an 8 weight fly rod casting from shore. Trophy carp are extremely wary and sensitive to a number of factors. This presentation will focus on tactics; equipment; fly presentations; and water conditions. The very large carp are sometimes called Hillbilly Tarpon and when one is hooked you will know why.

   3:00 PM 

Fly Selection for Warm Water Species:  Why, How, and What

Presenter:  Mike Kingston, Fantasy Flies

Fishing for sunfish is great fun on the fly rod. Smallmouth bass put a big bend in the rod and fight all the way to the net. If bluegill averaged 2 pounds Trout Unlimited would only have 37 members. This presentation is designed to help the trout fisherman enjoy our local warm water fisheries.


   5:00 PM 

Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth Bass

Presenter:   David Paul Williams, Author

First thing to understand about smallmouth bass—they are not trout. The second thing is they abound in the West. Oregon, Washington and Idaho are the ‘golden triangle’ of smallmouth bass. David Paul Williams, “the acknowledged northwest master of smallies on the fly,” teaches the essentials of how to catch smallmouth bass on the fly. He covers when to go, where to go, what to use and how to read the water in order to catch these superb fighting fish


With Special Guest: Tim Parish on "Snake River Small Mouth" Hammett Valley Fishing Adventures

7:00 PM   Advanced Dry Fly Fishing

Presenter:  Nate Brumley, Dry Fly Innovations

“Advanced Dry Fly Fishing,” introduces you to some awesome new dry fly patterns, techniques on how to deliver dry flies, and strategies on how to fool big fish. It’s a show packed with remarkable fishing footage, unique insight, and concepts that you can immediately utilize at the surface of the water. Both still and video clips are used to show the viewers the concepts discussed.



 10:00 AM 

 Pike on the Fly

Presenter:  Bob Wagner

Pike (Esox) “the Water Wolf” an amazing Apex predator, a physiologically superior fish that loves to eat flies. We will discuss its physiology, habitat, diet and niche, the why, where, when and how to catch more and bigger Pike. The power point includes the steps to tie the Pike Dancer fly.

 12:00 PM 

 Alaska - On Any Budget

Presenter:  Brian O'Keefe

Spring, summer and fall. All species, with tackle and technique tips. Fly out lodges to rental car fishing. Guided and unguided. Trophy rainbows to pike to king salmon.


  2:00 PM   

 Idaho’s Wild Steelhead - Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion Moderators:  Terry & Jerry Myers

Panel Discussion:  Status of steelhead in Idaho, why they matter and where we as Idahoans can affect change

Russ Thurow

Fisheries Research Biologist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Boise

Russ has spent a good deal of his career researching Idaho’s pristine salmon and steelhead river the Middle Fork of the Salmon. He will cover the science portion of the panel.

Jim Norton

Researcher, river guide and film producer

Jim will explain why rapidly changing trends in electric markets portend an end to the argument that Snake River dams are essential to protecting the Northwest economy. Jim is the project coordinator of Columbia Rediviva (columbiarediviva.org), a networked coalition of independent advocates and experts promoting a vision of restored abundance in the Columbia River basin.

Brett Bowersox

IDFG Fishery Staff Biologist - Clearwater Region

Terry Myers

A grandmother of 5, steelhead pursuer, community organizer and angler. She is currently president of The River of No Return Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Jerry Myers

A river advocate and retired river outfitter and fishing guide. With Terry, they live on a steelhead creek near Salmon, Idaho.

Terry and Jerry will present an anglers view of why we must recover our steelhead runs.

 4:00 PM   

 Steelhead Migration Patterns

Presenter:  Troy Pearse, Outdoor Avenues

Details about steelhead movement from fish transponder studies that will help you focus on fishing the best water.

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